"It is my belief that all students, regardless of their age or level of experience, are able to benefit from the rewarding study of music. I enjoy teaching students of all ages and levels from beginning to advanced. It has been my experience that students who get a solid technical foundation in note reading, music theory and aural skills are able to reach their goals in any musical style. It is for this reason that lessons are primarily focused on classical guitar skills, as this skill is rewarding in and of itself, and will also help students with all styles.


I also have a background in Pop, Rock, and Jazz improvisation, and I have found that a mix of musical genres can be integrated into lessons, creating an enriching and enjoyable experience. Ensemble music making is a rewarding experience for students, and much of the focus of lessons involves playing duets with students. I also like to create opportunities for students to play music in ensembles with each other.


Music is a universal language to be shared with others, and the ultimate goal of lessons ideally leads to performance. I encourage students to play for family, friends and in musical recitals. Whatever one's musical aspirations, I look forward to the opportunity of helping students reach their goals."


-Scott Sanchez

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