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"It is my belief that all students, regardless of their age or level of experience, are able to benefit from the rewarding study of music. I enjoy teaching students of all ages and levels from beginning to advanced. It has been my experience that students who get a solid technical foundation in note reading, music theory and aural skills are able to reach their goals in any musical style. It is for this reason that lessons are primarily focused on classical guitar skills, as this skill is rewarding in and of itself, and will also help students with all styles.

I also have a background in Pop, Rock, and Jazz improvisation, and I have found that a mix of musical genres can be integrated into lessons, creating an enriching and enjoyable experience. Ensemble music making is a rewarding experience for students, and much of the focus of lessons involves playing duets with students. I also like to create opportunities for students to play music in ensembles with each other.

Music is a universal language to be shared with others, and the ultimate goal of lessons ideally leads to performance. I encourage students to play for family, friends and in musical recitals. Whatever one's musical aspirations, I look forward to the opportunity of helping students reach their goals."

-Scott Sanchez

Lessons are conducted in a relaxed setting in Scott's home studio. Weekday afternoon and evening hours available. Lessons are also available online. For degree seeking students, Scott is available for private lessons at Franklin Pierce University.

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"I have been taking jazz guitar lessons from Scott Sanchez for six months and have been inspired by his vast knowledge of the instrument. He has been a superb teacher and mentor, who has guided me through the basics and into the more demanding aspects of jazz guitar. In addition to using a standard music instruction text, Scott has supplied me with a number of sheet music pieces which illustrate core concepts while promoting the learning of real jazz standards. As a result, lessons are kept fresh, fun and challenging, rather than being devoted to endless exercises. Scott tends to let the serious student be somewhat self directed and has provided me with every opportunity to reach my musical goals. On a personal level, Scott is very flexible and easy to deal with. I truly believe that I could not have chosen a better music teacher."

-Bill B.

"Scott has taught me individually and coached a small guitar ensemble. In both cases he brought extreme insight, patience and humor. He always has focused teaching points and you go away from his lessons with motivation and confidence. I highly recommend him as a teacher of Guitar."

-Eliza D.

"As Director of the Music Department at Franklin Pierce University, I have know and worked with Scott for many years as our guitar professor. Scott has also performed for me in concerts both on and off campus. Scott is an extraodrdinary virtuoso guitarist! He is a sensitive player who gives attention the details and renders a powerful inspiring performance. His extensive knowledge of guitar literature manifests itself in his diverse concert programing. He is also an excellent teacher, and both his colleagues and students speak very highly of him. He is one of the finest musicians I have had the privilege to know."

-David B.

"Scott Sanchez is an amazing guitar teacher! He has been teaching my son guitar for several years now. You can tell Scott really enjoys what he does. He has been very professional, dedicated, and thorough in his work. He teaches out of his studio, which is located in his warm and adorable home. He is always there to greet us with a smile (and on time!) Scott goes above and beyond his role of teacher. He is always finding ways to teach my son at his level and giving him assignments to further his guitar playing. I can also say that I had the extreme pleasure of seeing Scott play in concert. He is simply brilliant! My family and I talked about his concert for days afterwards. We were so impressed! I highly recommend Scott for any guitar instruction."

-Deb P.

" Once again, thank you very much for taking the time to spend a long weekend in Kentucky performing and teaching. Your residency was a greatly anticipated event in the Bluegrass area and was the highlight of the University of Kentucky Guitar Program's School year. The following week, at their lessons, my students were very excited to integrate the concepts and suggestions offered in bothe your master class and technique workshop, into their playing."

-Andrew Leonard, Guitar Instructor, University of Kentucky School of Music


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